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A Trusted Emergency Damage Cleanup Company in San Diego County

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Your house is a sanctuary that provides protection to you and your family, but weather, fire and other situations can shatter that serenity without any advance warning. Whenever disaster strikes, emergency damage cleanup services are a key component to getting things back to normal. You’ve already been through the trauma that comes from fires or floods, so why exacerbate things by working with a home damage company that can’t help you when you have an immediate need? At Silverstone Emergency Services and Restoration, we provide 24/7 service throughout San Diego County, and we can give you peace of mind that things are on their way back to normal. 

24/7 Availability for Your Convenience

Flooding and other catastrophic events happen on their own timeline, and many situations need immediate attention to prevent severe consequences that could weaken the structure of your building. Because water can seep into any crack, the first thing you’ll want is an emergency plumber to shut off supplies to the affected area so you don’t accumulate additional fluids. By working with a damage cleanup company that offers 24-hour restoration services, you’ll avoid mold, mildew and other consequences that occur when liquid is left unchecked for an extended period of time.

Call Us Whenever Disaster Strikes

If you need home damage restoration anywhere in San Diego County, contact us at any time during the day or night for a quick resolution to your problem. With nearly a decade of experience helping members of the community recover from disaster, we have what it takes to tackle any situation that comes your way. To get someone out to your home or business or to inquire about our other services, such as a wood floor inspection, give Silverstone Emergency Services and Restoration a call at 619-997-6440 anytime!
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